January 16-18th, 2025

Charlotte, North Carolina

Wow! We had such an amazing time at the 2024 hope*story conference... and we're just getting started.

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We'll announce more speakers to come, but we are so excited to announce our first keynote speaker, Jess Connolly

Jess Connolly

We are delighted to announce Jess Connolly, a remarkable author and inspirational speaker, as our first keynote speaker at the 2025 hope*story conference. Jess is the creative force behind influential books like "Wild and Free," "You Are the Girl for the Job," and "Tired of Being Tired."

In addition to her significant literary contributions, Jess, along with her husband Nick, has played a pivotal role in the establishment of Bright City Church in Charleston, South Carolina, where they nurture a vibrant community with their four children.

Jess is the visionary founder and lead coach of Go + Tell Gals, an organization committed to empowering and equipping women. Moreover, Jess is the engaging host of "The Jess Connolly Podcast," where she shares invaluable insights and inspiration.

Jess Connolly's mission is to inspire her generation to stand in awe of God's grace and purpose. Her passion for family, women's empowerment, the study of God's Word, and the local church shines through in her work.

Join us at the hope*story Conference to hear Jess Connolly's inspiring message.

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